C4G Jet Eur-Africa Program

We launched The C4G Jet Eur-Africa Program to create an efficient private aviation solution for travel mainly in and around Europe, Africa, and the United Kingdom. Of course you can travel wherever you like, after all it is your aircraft, we just manage it.

Fractional ownership allows you to purchase equity in a specific aircraft. Ownership in an aircraft that is dedicated to this Eur-Africa Primary Service Area (PSA) has great benefits with regards to availability for short notice trips and reduced ferry costs.

Your allocation of hours is calculated based on how much of the jet you own. With our program your private jet fractional ownership provides access to multiple cabin sizes (using other aircraft in our fleet or thru our global partnerships). Our team of senior private aviation managers handle and customize every aspect of your travel experience.

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Aircraft Management Services

This becomes the true benefit of fractional jet ownership and the C4G Jet Eur-Africa program. We handle everything. Once you purchase you jet, our team is at your disposal. Knowledge, experience and excellent service should never be underated. C4G Jet has partnered with Jet Agent to provide world class aircraft management services. Our partner has over 15 years of aviation experience and a proven approach to efficient aircraft management. The last thing anyone wants is a problem without a solution. Welcome aboard.

Aircraft Operations

Flight crew and operations management have over 500 years of business aviation experience. The full time crew is trained to the highest standards - pilots must complete onging simulator training every six months. All procurements for your aircraft and flights are seamlessly handled including: insurance, fuel, crew travel, landing and handling cost, in-house flight planning, flight following, overflight permits, hangarage and catering.

Aircraft Maintenance

Safety above all else. We will ensure your aircraft is added to an approved maintenance program either with UK Civil Aviation or Aviation Transport of Malta Authority. We provide the mandatory Continues Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) support. We manage all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and approve all maintenance outputs on your behalf. Inspections and safety checks are never compromised.

Bespoke Security Services

You now have access to some of the most experienced people in aviation, should the need arise we provide access to world class intelligence and security professionals. High net worth individuals, your family, VIP's, precious cargo? Don't take any chances. Our coordinated security approach is just what you need. Global security serivces provided by C4G Security. Your safety in the air and on the ground is our priority.