C4G Jet was born organically from C4G Security. It became clear that private aviation solutions between Europe and Africa was a common requirement for many of our clients. Personalized fractional jet ownership managed by C4G and complimented by C4G Security services just makes sense.

Purchasing and operating your own aircraft might seem like the ultimate private aviation experience,however, wholly owning an aircraft brings hidden costs—and added liability. C4G Jet's fractional ownership program is an alternate ownership model that features a fully managed safety program, and a custom aviation experience managed by senior aviation personnel.

The C4G Jet fractional ownership program is a great solution for those who desire the comfort, flexibilty, luxury and safety of private aviation; and see benefit in licensed and experienced aircraft management.

Our Eur-Africa program is geared toward owners who travel mainly in Africa, Europe, and the United Kingdom. By focusing on this Primary Service Area (PSA), you enjoy guaranteed availability and fixed rates without ferry fees.

You purchase a percentage of your selected aircraft for a term. We manage it, maintain it, and manage your travel. At the end of your term you can renew, purchase more (if available), purchase a share of another aircraft, or sell your original share back to us.

Relax when you need to fly. We will negotiate the best price on fuel, we manage hangarage, permits, maintainence, crew schedules & training, flight planning and even catering.

Our global aviation knowledge, experience, and attention to details will make your aircraft ownership delightful, safe and efficient.

Our Team

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Sales Manager

Marianne maintains knowledge about our fleet ownership availability. She is prompt & courteous. Ms. Smith is also the liason for our legal team.

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Booking Manager

Whether you need another aircraft, or you want to buy or sell hours, contact Bryan. He also supports the owner's dedicated aircraft manager.

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Operations Manager

Jeremy works closely with your dedicated aircraft manager to manage all aspects of your flights. From fuel to food, he's on top of it.

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Maintenance Manager

Her name is synonomous with safety and compliance. Amanda has a singular focus, to maintain the best aircraft fleet without comprimise.